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Jul 04

The Talent Jade Sarson Biography

Jade Sarson is one of  Advocate’s recent, fresh and exciting new artists. Her ecclectic work is a revitalising blend of Japanese manga with a western twist and would be perfect for young fiction books. Read on to learn more about Jade or visit the Advocate website to see more work in her portfolio.

Jade Sarson is an illustrator, writer and comic artist whose biggest inspirations are tea, mouldy old books and One Piece. She graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2011 with a first class honours degree in Illustration and is a member of the Association of Illustrators. Her work is a fusion of British roots with Japanese influences, and combines digital and traditional techniques – it has been featured in Neo Magazine, Electric Bloom Webzine, Non Repro, Electric Sheep and in anthologies such as Leek and Sushi, Nami, and Parallel Lives. She also won 3rd place in the Japanese embassy’s Manga Jiman competition in 2012. Jade sells comics and draws caricatures at London MCM Expo, Comiket, Thoughtbubble, and other events. Her current projects include the popular tea-inspired webcomic Cafe Suada, and her Siddown! graphic novel. When she isn’t drawing she loves to watch British comedy/drama and play Japanese role playing games.