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Feb 28

The Talent Olga Matushkina Biography

Advocate Art would like to introduce you to one of our  new artists Olga Matushkina. We are sure that her cute clay modelled images will be very popular!

Read on to find out more about Olga or to see more of her work have a look at the Advocate website by clicking here.

I live in Siberia, Russia and was born on the 5th March 1985. I grew up in Barbaul, Russia and I still live there to this day! My Dad has been my main influence ever since I was young, he’s a musician, and this made me want to peruse my career as a creative/artist. I did not go to university, what I have learnt I have taught myself. My personal inspiration is the world, I love it! It’s what drives me! My artwork is cute, soft, warm and gentle. The methods I use in my art work are modeling clay and Photoshop (not at the same time though!) I am a children’s book illustrator. My favorite piece of work is a tree with little birds sitting on it. I have one pet and he is a funny podgy cat I love him very much! If I weren’t an illustrator I would probably be a doctor. My favorite books/films are Harry Potter I love all those films. I really like all books by Jane Austen and I also really enjoyed reading the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. I love the city and countryside. I love to listen to the television while I work – never watch it though!