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Feb 02

The Talent Stefano Azzalin Biography

At Advocate art we are proud to be representing new digital artist Stefano Azzalin. Stefano is inspired by all things fantastical and this passion shines though in his artwork. We can’t wait to get him lots of children’s book commissions! Below you can read about Stefano, and if you’d like to see his online portfolio click here to visit the Advocate art website.

I was born in 1979 and grew up in a large family in Varese, a small city near Milan. I started drawing as a child and was always in competition with my brother, copying any cartoon subject we had at hand. I really loved drawing but for some reason I completely lost interest in it during my teenage years.

It was only when I found the internet and international online communities dedicated to digital drawing and illustration in my twenties that I rediscovered my passion for drawing: all those awe inspiring images! I wanted to be able to create such beautiful images and inspire someone else too…

So, armed with a computer and a small and old graphics tablet, I started drawing again, conscious I had a lot to learn (and still have!) to catch up.
Having a strong love for fantasy and literally devouring any fantasy novel that fell in my hands, I begun my adventure in the world of drawing, trying to create fantasy artworks inspired by the magnificent covers of the books I loved.


As the years passed and I became a professional illustrator, my career lead me to work on, and appreciate, a completely different genre: cartoony children illustration.

So I learnt to work on various and disparate subjects. I think it’s my best skill: I can move with ease between fantasy illustrations for teenagers and coloured and cheerful children images, ending with more serious and informative artworks.

I love working on complex images: I find it a challenge with myself and the more difficult a job is the greater is the satisfaction when it’s done!