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Jan 24

What's on now Happy Chinese New Year!

As yesterday marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year we thought it would be fitting to make a collection of illustrations by Advocate artists’ to celebrate the occasion! 2012 is the year of the mythical dragon, the legendary fire-breathing creatures from storybooks that originate from many myths and cultures.

Traditionally, Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days and is the longest and most important of all the holidays in the Chinese calendar, filled with feasting, fireworks and family reunions. Different years are represented with different animal zodiac signs and this year marks the year of the dragon, the only creature in the Chinese calendar from mythical descent. Unlike European beliefs where the dragon is believed to be evil, in China it is seen as a positive symbol: in ancient times the dragon was reserved for the Chinese Emperor and is considered to to be an extremely auspicious sign. Probably the most recognised image within Chinese culture, the dragon signifies power, strength, good luck and wealth . . . . maybe we will all become very powerful and very wealthy this year!!