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Dec 01

The Talent Monika Filipina Biography

At Advocate art illustration agency we are very pleased to announce illustrator Monika Filipina as one of our featured artists of the month. Monika is great at producing fabulous characters which combined with her cute and quirky style look great in children’s books. Her work also looks fab on greeting cards; the little boy holding a balloon is the perfect valentines card. To see more of her work in her online portfolio click here to visit the Advocate website.

“From an early age she dreamt about being a cowboy, an archeologist or an astronaut. While dreaming about her adventurous future she never stopped drawing. She always loved to draw, paint, doodle and sketch – and ever since has been developing new skills. Her desire to learn more about the subject brought Monika to the United Kingdom where she successfully completed a BA degree with Honors in Illustration. She now works as a freelance illustrator and studies an MA in Children’s Book Illustration in Cambridge.”