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Nov 24

Big-Ups Big up from Valerie Greeley

Advocate artist and photographer Valerie Greeley sent us this lovely big up the other day! Valerie specialises in photography, illustration and designing for textiles and surface pattern, and has a special interest in books including illustration, decoration and binding. She has put a link to the Advocate website on her blog which is great so thanks Valerie! Click here to visit Valerie’s blog and if you would like to see some of Valerie’s work on the Advocate website then click here.

“Hi Ed,

Well done all of you, it is great to hear some good news. I am now into the beginning of my fourth year with you and am more than happy with team Advocate. Your staff are always a pleasure to deal with, always quick to respond to any questions I may put to them and their hard work and enthusiasm shows.

I have already linked my website but now have created a special link in the sidebar of my blog where I have taken the liberty of pinching a photo of your premises and added a link to your home page.

Carry on the good work,