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Nov 22

The Talent Artist Feature: Steve Whitlow

Another of Advocate’s featured artists this month is Steve Whitlow.

Steve is an English Artist specialising in Illustration for Greeting Cards and children’s book publishing. Born,bred and still living in Yorkshire on the top of a (very) windswept hill where he lives and works with his wife and young family. Steve followed his natural artistic calling from a very early age. He was first published aged 16 producing fun and adorable characters for greetings cards and then Children’s Books. With no formal art training but a huge amount of natural talent Steve has now been working as a professional artist for over 20 years.

Steve works using traditional techniques. He first brings the story’s narrative to life by sketching his characters, often working and reworking them until they are the most natural and candid poses. Then he uses a blend of pastels, watercoloirs and acrylics to bring his characters to life and give them the vibrancy he is known for, “My Kids are my critics” says Steve, the best reaction I can hope for is an exclamation of “Cool Dad, from either Same or Ethan or Both”