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Nov 17

The Talent Nyc Gapp’s Biography

Advocate illustration agency are extememly proud to represent our fabulous new dynamic photographer Nyc Gapp. Nyc has a passion for photographing landscapes and a real talent for highlighting the essence of the image. We can see Nyc’s work looking great on posters and greeting cards; check out his great work below and read his bio to find our more about him.

“I’ve always loved to create, so getting my hands on dad’s Kodak Folding Brownie when I was a kid was an exciting prospect. It made me realise I could take pictures much quicker than I could ever paint or draw them – that suited my zealous desire.

Ok, I’m not so young anymore, but I’ve packed a few things into those bill-paying years, including: air crew, management consultant, marketing, sales, promotions, IT, fine art dealer/gallery owner, wedding & portrait photography, carpentry & building, farm work, scuba instructor, ski instructor and a DJ. Oh, and I’ve done a lot more things just for fun!

Naturally, I’d like to think this eclecticism adds a positive dimension to my photography, to the way I see the world and interact with it. I’m super fascinated by the way things look: visually, almost anything and everything interests me. Sometimes I think I might be too engaged; it’s not OCD, but you could catch me straightening pictures on your wall someday.

I’m truly enlivened by my return to professional photography, as it allows me to really express and create, and to provide solutions; something that I find highly rewarding. I relish the challenge of innovation, to identify, fundamentally what is required and to deliver results that exceed expectations.”