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Nov 17

Advice and call outs How to find out if your images are being sold on the internet

Stealing artwork is becoming an increasingly big problem, especially as the internet is so widespread and readily available these days. It can be hard to keep track of where your images have been sold and who is using them. Advocate’s freelance illustrator Robert Dunn has found a really useful tool on Google that allows you to see if anyone else is using your artwork, this is especially helpful if a website or person has stolen an image/illustration of yours and is selling it without your permission. If you go to google images you will see in the search bar that there is a camera icon on the right hand side (see picture below). You simply click on this icon and a box will appear where you can upload a jpg; it will bring up every site that is using it. It also shows any web shops selling similar images which can also be helpful when looking for style techniques and inspiration.