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Oct 15

The Talent Andreas von Cotta-Schonberg Biography

Advocate illustration agency are really proud to represent new freelance illustrator Andreas von Cotta-Schonberg. Andreas specialises in realistic fantasy, portraying aliens, vikings, animals and rugged landscapes which will be perfect for art licensing, poster design, booksgraphic novels, and even greeting cards. His bio is posted below:
“There is so much you can say with the simple application of color and value to a surface, and I am a firm believer that any good piece of art should have something to say. A story if you will.

Not neccesarily the kind with a beginning and an ending, but stories that can be told in the blink of an eye, and in the reflections and emotions it leaves.

I believe, that being a good illustrator means walking a narrow path between developing and growing your skills, in order to convey your desired message or story, but also to have a curious and playful mind, in order to have something worth saying.
Stray too far to either side, and you risk losing focus on your actual task at hand, which should be to create beautiful and meaningful art.

I could be wrong, but still, this is where I strive to be.
Andreas von Cotta-Schonberg, age 35, Living and working out of Copenhagen, Denmark.”