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Sep 01

What's on now Advocate Art Sells Original Art At Spring Fair

There is nothing quite owning an original pice of art the original copy that no one else owns, do you find yourself from time to

At Spring Fair 2012 for the first time Advocate Art  is selling original artwork!

Some of the artists featuring are Suzanne Kushi, Sally Garland, Rossana Novella, Rebecca  Lancaster, Paul Collis , Ned Taylor, Martina Hogan, Mat Edwards, Davina Horne, Hollie Jacobs, Francoise Michelle, Eva Sassin, Emma Pearce, Claire Pryce, Dianne Frost, Craig Joiner, Kay Burns, Cathryn Jones and many more! You will be able to find us in a  NEW location in the ART SECTION! Stand 4BB 109