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Aug 13

The Talent Theo Bain Biography

Here is Theo Bain, one of Advocate Art newest Freelance illustrators Biography;

Art has always been in Theo Bain’s blood. Named after Vincent Van Gogh and his brother, and with a painter for a father, he stood little chance of avoiding this path!

His earliest influences were his beloved children’s books, illustrated by the likes of the Grahame-Johnstone sisters, Arthur Rackham, John Tenniel, Pauline Baynes and E.H Shepard. Of course Disney also became a huge influence in the development of his own personal style.

As he grew those influences have expanded and continue to do so as he discovers new and incredible artists, both modern and old. From the classical painters of victorian England and America to the vinyl toy graffiti craze and Japanese manga.

His method of working always begins with a pencil and paper. He says ‘That’s not strictly true; they actually start with a strong brew of coffee!’ He tries to imbue all his characters with life,  naming them in his head and thinking of their back story as he creates them helps him to form –  a more three dimensional character. These pencils are then hand inked and scanned into Photoshop to colour.’