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Mar 10

The Talent Patrizia Donaera Biography

Patrizia Donaera is an Italy-based illustrator who specialises in children’s publishing and natural history illustration. She was born in Cuneo in the North of Italy, and she now lives in Savona, a city overlooking the Liguria sea, together with her husband, their daughter and a toy poodle called George.

Ever since she was a child Patrizia dreamed of becoming an artist and she loved spending her days inventing and drawing stories about animals and building her own toys.

During her art studies, at the Art High School in Savona and later at the IED  in Milan (where she graduated in the 3 year illustration course) she was immediately inspired by such artists as Beatrix Potter (that is why she named her child Beatrice) Kenneth Lilly and the Australian artist Kilmeny Niland, which brought her closer to the world of illustration of natural history.

Patrizia has illustrated more than 20 books, her experience is over 20 years and her art was selected twice to be exhibited in the “illustrator Exhibition” held at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Patrizia usually works with watercolours although as of late she is also entering the world of digital illustration. She defines her style as “highly detailed” with “anthropomorphic” animals, as the thing she loves more is illustrating animals’ expression and soul.

In her free time she loves sports, like power-walking and swimming as well as embroidery and gardening. And she loves living in a small town though she often would prefer living in a big city with more creative stimuli.