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Mar 01

The Talent Gemma Font Rocca Biography

Gemma Font Roca is a Greetings card illustrator represented by Advocate art – illustration agency.

Gemma has been drawing and doodling on anything she could find since childhood, encouraged by the fact that she grew up in an environment of artists; her father was a writer, her mother drew fashion designs and her uncle painted oil paintings. At aged 16 she won an award for illustration and for Gemma this was the trigger that directed her to a career as an illustrator for children, full of fun and colourful designs.

Gemma is self taught but has done some courses in illustration throughout her career. She enjoys working with all kinds of techniques and styles, experimenting when she can, but she especially enjoy working with Goauche and high quality colours pencils. Whilst working she likes to listen to alternative radio shows, keeping her inspired and aware of the world. As a further source of fresh inspiration, Gemma likes cycling, and escaping to the sea whenever she can!

Currently Gemma is living simply, in a a beautiful little house near the mountains with her partner, overlooking her home town. In their spare time she and her partner, who is also an artist, have turned their little house in fairy tale home by decorating the house and garden with Modernist Mosaic art. Along with the help of their puppy Teckel, they also like to take care of their little vegetable garden, the tomatoes being the prize winners!