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Feb 23

The Talent Di Frost Biography

Dianne Frost is a greetings card illustrator represented by Advocate art. Di was born in Nottingham in the 60′s and now lives on the South Coast in Hastings with her ‘four’ pets: two pure white cats Hector and Hugo, a seagull called Sid and Vince her partner.

At 8 years old, Di was the Art teacher’s assistant. Some time later she graduated with a BA in printed textiles from Liverpool University, and then a Masters Design degree from Trent University. Her first job was as a textile designer in London. After a decade in the fashion industry, Di fancied a change and decided to study photography at the London College of Printing-and afterwards became a fashion photographer.

It was the computer manipulation of client’s photographs that eventually led to the development of her signature fun, colourful and whimsical graphic style. Di works mostly in Photoshop. She hates the title Artist and calls herself a Designer. Di loves colour so much that she can almost taste it, relishing any project where she can apply a mix of beautiful colour and quirky ideas.

To relax, Di tends her garden and watches her favorite movies. Some movies have been watched many, many times. Her favorite movie of all time is Avatar – probably because of the colour!

In another life she would have liked to be a film set designer.