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Feb 11

The Talent Jason Juta Biography

Jason Juta is a South-African born, free-lance illustrator now living in London, represented by Advocate art-illustration agency.

As a child Jason had a lot of parental support and encouragement to pursue his creative talents, which he is very grateful for. He then went on to study Graphic Design but it didn’t interest him as much as illustration, although he says he did learn a lot from his studies. Through his work Jason feels the drive to create and improve, but also wants the attention and respect of his peers – he says that perhaps a desire for glory isn’t the most noble motivation but he thinks most artists have at least some ego to massage!

Jason produces two styles of freelance illustration. The first is digitally painted fantasy art for the gaming industry (Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars and Warhammer for example). The second is personal work based on photography, with dark, mythic and gothic themes. For digital paintings Jason uses basic 3D to work out perspective, and for personal work he tries to paint in a traditional way.

Whilst painting Jason listens to art podcasts and fiction audiobooks. Otherwise, he prefers ‘underground’ and unusual music such as metal, indie, ambient, classical, rock of various types and hard electro.