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Jan 30

The Talent Stephen Pierce-Smith Biography

Stephen Pierce-Smith is an artist represented by Advocate Art.

Stephen started painting very early on, with lots of encouragement from his father. He then went on to study graphics, but his first love was always illustration.

He was always very inspired by the illustrations of Frank Bellamy and Luis Bermejo in his Eagle comic books, running to the door every Wednesday morning to receive his new edition. He also enjoys the watercolour portraits of Michael Frith.

His own work is a watercolour interpretation of nature. Trying to get the feel of and texture of everyday objects with an eye to design.  So, he often drops in a graphical background to enhance the subject matter and changes colour hues to suit the clients decor.

He describes himself as a graphic designer who prefers to paint. In his spare time Stephen loves the great outdoors and is ever attempting to become a better skier.