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Jan 14

The Talent Linda Monk Biography

Linda Monk is an artist represented by Advocate Art – illustration agency.

I was born just after 1.00 am  on the 6th April 1961 in the house where my parents still live. If I had come into this world before midnight my parents would have received a handsome tax break.

As a young child I was inspired to be an artist by my great uncle who was a commercial artist. He worked for the Eagle comic and also produced chocolate box scenes for Barker and Dobson confectioners.

After leaving school I obtained an Honours Degree in Fine Art.

I grew up on the Wirral Peninsuala in the North West of England and the sea and all things nautical are the main influences in my oil paintings. Presently I live in Berlin with my husband although I have a tendency to move regularly in search of my dream home”.