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Dec 01

The Talent Bojana Dimitrovski Biography

Bojana Dimitrovski is a Serbian artist specializing in illustration for younger and older children’s publishing.

Bojana was born in Belgrade, Serbia where she grew up, during the 90’s she moved to Ottawa, Canada where she learnt how to use computer graphics, specialising in Vector illustration in 2001 moving back to her hometown.

Bojana has come from an artistic background; her great great grandfather was a fresco painter in the XIX Century who decorated Churches throughout Macedonia. Her Father is a painter and her mum’s major is in art history. She grew up surrounded by art books, canvases, brushes and easels that provided a great influence from a young age.

Her earliest training came from her dad she then enrolled at the high school of Design in Belgrade then going on to study at the Faculty of Applied Arts where she gained a Master of Fine Arts Degree.

Bojana spends a lot of time thinking and imagining then doing a rough thumbnail before taking moving straight to final whether it is watercolour or digital. She describes her work as realistic, precise, colorful and thought-through, at the same time stylized and idealised.

If you would like to see more of Bojana’s work please visit her online portfolio here: