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Nov 30

The Talent Marie Allen Biography

Marie Allen is an English based illustrator specialising illustration for children’s publishing, including children’s picture books. She describes herself as a “freelance illustrator who specializes in juvenile design.”

Marie was born in Barking Essex in 1976. She spent most of her childhood and teenage years living in Hornchurch, Essex but moved to Manchester when she was 20 where she achieved a HND in illustration.

From a young age Marie always had an interest in art and would spend hours creating little story books for her Mum who was also a keen artist. Busy Bumble Bee was her biggest hit!  She can always remember having a huge interest in the munch bunch characters. This is what first inspired her into creating her own characters which in turn developed into her love of art.

Her artwork is bright, fun and juvenile. Creating simple fun charchture she thinks relates to children. She firstly creates a pencil image then after scanning the image in she colours up the artwork on Photoshop, adding shading and texture if needed. She enjoys all the artwork she creates but if she was to favour one she would favour illustrating jungle animals or animals in general.  In her spare time she enjoys walking and biking she also enjoys a glass of wine followed by a ruby!

If you would like to see more of Marie’s work please visit her online portfolio at Advocate art here.