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Nov 23

Big-Ups Alison Edgson

Alison Edgson is an Irish Artist specialising in Children’s Illustration.

Alison was born in County Down in Northern Ireland situated in a little village by the beach, Later on moving to Monmouthshire in the Wye Valley, along with ‘Kitty’ her 15 year old black and white moggy, Dorry and Duffy who are gorgeous yellow Labradors who she says keep her extremely fit.

Alison came from a fairly artistic family. Her mum who she remembers was able to draw beautiful animals when she was younger and her dad designing comical posters for his local drama group. Not surprisingly influencing Alison to go onto art education by taking a Foundation in Art and Design followed by a Degree in Visual Communication, which covered Graphic Design, animation, Photography and Illustration. Last year Alison was awarded ‘Story Illustrations of the Year by highlights Magazine.

Alison’s Illustrations are beautifully atmospheric and colourful. She generally works with acrylics, either on hot pressed watercolour paper or Bristol board, using coloured pencils to create added detail. When working Alison prefers to work without the distraction of background music so she can process her thoughts. However, when painting more abstract pieces she loves to listen to classical music to inspire her. When Alison is not Illustrating she enjoys spending time outdoors, walking, and gardening and has a passion for creative cookery.

If you would like to see more of Alison’s work please visit her online portfolio at Advocate-Art here.