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Nov 23

The Talent Alida Massari

Alida Massari is an Italian artist specialising in illustration for children including picture books and other children’s publishing.

Alida was born in Roma where she grew up, she now lives in Cerveteri where she has been for the past five years. Cerveteri is a little ancient Etruscan town; this is something that Alida finds inspiration for her illustration work, like the architectural details of the ancient buildings. She also draws inspiration from ancient art, describing her work as “modern but with ancient atmosphere”

Alida has always loved art from a young age at high school she qualified in art, she then went onto complete a specialization in illustration at the European Institute of Design in Rome. She has taken part in many collective illustration exhibitions in Italy that are normally dedicated to her children’s books.

She has won numerous artistic awards, winning the 2008 language learner literature award for the book “Dhoroty” from the Extensive Reading Foundation England

Alida likes to work with acrylic colours, collage and watercolour when creating her illustrations. She loves books and finding solutions for her stories. When she starts a new book she tries to aim to transmit new emotions through her drawing.

Two of her favourite children’s books are “Anansi and the bag of wisdom” Usborne (London) and “Raffaello e la fornarina” Lapis (Italy).  When Alida is not illustrating she loves reading books and playing with her daughter.

If you would like to see more of Alida’s portfolio please visit here.