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Nov 22

The Talent Dorota Rewerenda Biography

Dorota rewerenda is a Children’s book illustrator represnted by Advocate Art – illustration agency. When she was younger her parents used to read to her a lot and she loved picture books, so this is where her interest in illustration began. She says she was very imaginative as a child, which helps her to create now.

When Dorota was 15 she was enrolled onto an art course where she learnt to draw. Then she went on to study Fine Art and Graphics.  So now her own personal work is very detailed, colorful, with rich textures and specific characters, additional emotional elements which do not always appear in the story. In her illustrations Dorota likes to combine pastels, pencils, wax crayons, pen and ink and colored pencils and then scan every sketch or texture to a digital program where where she adds further elements using her tablet.

Outside of the artistic field Dorota loves her animals, nature, traveling, books, ethnic and folk music, biking, music festivals. She also keeps four Kakariki parrots, one gecko that she found in a piece of broccoli, and one adopted hamster.