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Oct 05

The Talent New Advocate Artist – Sophia Touliatou

Yet another exceptionally talented children’s book illustrator has joined the Advocate family – Sophia Touliatou

As a kid, she dreamed of having her own kiosk, so she could eat one chocolate after another without any interruption. She enjoyed school and still has very good friends from back then.  She has a degree in Graphic Design but she mostly illustrates children books -  for many of which she has gained merits and awards

She has a passion for dogs, sugar and CocoRosie. She would like to go to the movies every other day. She lives in the centre of Athens which she loves particularly, and considers Spain as her second homeland. She’s afraid of planes, wonders if it will ever snow and dreams of the day that she’ ll attend Bologna Childrens Bookfair.

We hope you enjoy her work as much as we do