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Sep 23

Big-Ups A dream comes true with Advocate Art for Children’s Book Illustrator Angela Muss

Angela Muss joined Advocate Art just over a year ago, since then our talented team have helped secure her a number of exciting children’s book commissions! To show her appreciation she wrote this about us:

“Hello! I’m Angela Muss, artist in Advocate Art. It’s been one year and a few months that I joined Advocate, since then just joys come to my way, how wonderful! New and constant challenges and incredible new commissions with exceptional clients! My artist career with Advocate doesn’t stop growing! I’m enormously grateful for it. It’s a fabulous team and they show me support day by day, without any doubt the best illustration agency in the world! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for the immense support in my career, thanks to my incredible and exceptional clients and a very special gratitude to the unique and best agency Advocate Art! With warm regards, I hope we can work together very soon!

I’m very glad to tell you that I have just created a new illustration Blog, where you’ll find the latest news about my work and loads of new illustrations! Many thanks for your visit!

Thanks Angela!