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Sep 13

Fly on the wall Francois’ new car.

Francois in his sweet new saab.

The beginning of my journey at Advocate Art; from a mile the Best Illustration Agency across the globe, has been an incredible and delightful mission for me! Expanding the Advocate business through the frontiers throughout the Children Book and the Greeting Cards sectors have been my given duties and my motivation since day 1. It actually sounds like a Dating Site where I have met my other half!

Firstly, in order to understand what Advocate Art does, basically Generator of Fantastic success throughout the Greeting Cards sector and the Children book sector, I had to understand something relatively important: English! ;)

Coming from Belgium, my English knowledge’s weren’t quite up to date. Or shall I say: “inexistent”? So watching BBC News, the World Cup, the Cricket, the preparation of the Olympics Games and even X Factor helped me a lot (even chatting on Facebook would you believe! Thanks Google for the free translations!!). That gap finally achieved, I had the opportunity and the chance to be a part of this Great Team at Advocate Art.

“Great Team at Advocate Art”, because of its incomparable staff and certainly because it includes our Great Clients and last but not least, our highly Talented Artists!  I must also mention one of our best tools: our very fast and continuously updated website: (everything is on it! Art for products / Art Licensing / Greeting Cards for Christmas and any theme / Personalized cards /  Illustrators for book from very young age to adult / etc!).

Secondly, I began to travel with Ed towards our International Booths! The International Exhibitions haves also been Fantastic Experiences all around the world (Surtex! PGLive! Paperworld! Book Expo America! London Book Fair! Etc!) . Soon, I realized that this job was like a perfect fitted Tuxedo for me!

Eventually, I began to sell more and more Greeting cards all over the world to our Great clients! And this without forgetting my Excellent clients across the Publishing world of course!

Originally, I began to travel using the transportations in order to visit clients around the globe.  However,  we finally realized that using the transportations wasn’t always convenient. Therefore, we have decided to invest in a car in order for me to be even more on the flexible. Since, I am definitely enjoying the road much more! Why? Let’s say that the keyword “Saab” might be a part of the answer! And I am happy to have this number in front of my car: RK60GZW… this number plate means absolutely Nothing, but I love it!!